Fresco Bunion Night Splint - 2 /pack

Fresco Bunion Night Splint - 2 /pack

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Product Description

Do you suffer from painful bunions which keep you awake at night?

These easy to use bunion night splints holds the foot in the correct position during the night, soothing the pain through the pressure which it exerts on the bunion, and helping to prevent a possible worsening.  

The night bindings favour a gradual correction of deviation in the toes, following the principle of preventive bindings (prolonged action but of slight intensity) through which a progressive improvement is achieved until the soft parts and articulations are normalized without damaging them. It must be remembered that the articulation should not be forced in such a way that the pain prevents one from resting properly.

Pack contains two pcs, both can be used on either foot.

Select size based on your foot size:

Small:  UK 2 - 4

Medium:  UK 5 - 7

Large:  UK 8 - 11


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