Tape Sox Type Hammer Toe

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Tape Sox Type Hammer Toe
With A hammer toe, the base joint of the toe is over stretched upwards or the middle joint bent downwards. The second toe is the most commonly affected toe. Statistically speaking, this malposition affects women five times more frequently than men. Because the middle toes perform an important function during th epush-off phase when walking and can no longer do so properly when this malposition occurs, early treatment of hammer toe is advisable. If left untreated, hammer toes stiffen into the joints's bent position and can develop into claw toes.
Causes & effects
This malposition becomes increasingly painful and irritating. Alongside pressure discomfort, this malposition also leads to the formation of calluses and an inflamed weal(corn) on the middle joint of the toe. The main cause is weak musculature in combination with reduced muscle functionality. Alongside splayfoot and hollow foot, additional causes include rheumatism, gout, poor footwear, injuries, scars and a preceding Hallux valgus. Hammer toes also often frequently occur in people with overly long second toes compared to their big toes.

By pulling the bent toe into its original shape, the COMPRESSANAN TAPE SOX type hammer toes can be used to counteract a stiffening of the toe and its associated consequences.

Compressana Tape Sox achieve the best results if worn in shoes that are not too tight, with enough room for the toes and with flat heels (< 4 cm). The shoes should not be too small/short, as this also pushes the toes out of their natural position, which can cause hallux valgus as well as hammer/claw toes.

It is important that you slowly increase the length of time that you wear the Tape Sox, or wear them overnight at first, so that the joints of the big toes can gradually get used to their new mobility. In the course of a week, you can increase the length of time until you are wearing the Tape Sox all day long.


Preventative measure if you have an existing or developing misalignment
  • Post-operative measure as Tape Sox can help maintain a successful operation result by countering local misalignment
  • Free from side effects
  • Stabilises toes and mobilises joints
  • Pain-relieving effect and can prevent arthrosis
  • Replaces the need to tape the foot
  • Skin-friendly and can be worn everyday like normal socks/stockings 
  • Discreet and inconspicuous so suitable for leisure, work or during exercise
  • Available in three correction strengths - light, medium and strong
  • Available in three colours - white, blue and black



Tape Sox Type Hammer Toe






90% cotton 
  • 9% polyamide 
  • 1% elastane


Size Chart
Tape Sox Type Hammer Toe



Hallux valgus bunion size chart