Juzo Easy Fit

Juzo Easy Fit

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Juzo Easy Fit                

Slip-on aid for compression stockings with open or closed toes

Thanks to Juzo Easy Fit, putting on and taking off compression stockings is really easy.

An ergonomically designed long and bent handle makes it comfortable and easy to use. To put on a Juzo compression stocking, the patient first rolls the stocking over the shaft of the slip-on aid until the seam of the heel is visible. The patient now slips the foot into the stocking, pulls it up to the knee using the Juzo Easy Fit, then smooths it in the usual manner using rubber gloves.

The difference between Juzo Easy Fit and conventional slip-on aids becomes readily apparent when taking off the stocking. The patient steps into the Juzo Easy Fit once again, rolls the edge of the stocking over the shaft, then folds the novel clasping element upwards before simply and easily stepping out of the compression stocking.

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