Tipps 13% Silver Anklet Socks

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Tipps 13% Silver Anklet Socks

18mmHg Compression

Recommended for daily use and Travel Socks

X-Static Silver Fibre 13%, Lycra 21%, Polyamide 32% Cotton 34%


Silver Garments are made with Xstatic Silver Fibre recommended for Cold hands and feet and to ease the pain associated with

*Arthritis * Raynaud * Scleroderma * Chemotherapy Treatment * Peripheral Neuropath

If you constantly have Cold Feet or Toes, then these 23% Silver Socks could be a dream come true as they can help to keep your Feet and Toes warmer.

These specialised Silver Socks manufactured from “Fine Combed Cotton and “Natural Silver” have superior ultra light stretch for improved fit and comfort allowing them to shape perfectly to the ankle, foot and toes allowing complete freedom of movement. These properties help to provide medical benefits and natural healing which can help to ease any suffering and pain and also keep your feet warmer.


To choose, use your European Shoe Size

39-40 Black TP310M/Beige TP302M

41-42 Black TP310L/Beige TP302L

43-44 Black TP310XL/Beige TP302XL


"€5 from this purchase will go towards Arthritis Ireland

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