Lipoelastic Reusable Washable White Cotton Barrier Mask - Pack of 5.

Lipoelastic Reusable Washable White Cotton Barrier Mask - Pack of 5.

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Reusable cotton barrier masks from LIPOELASTIC- My Face mask protects you, and your face mask protects me!

 Product details:

  • Cotton barrier mask covering the nose and mouth
  • Unisex
  • Colour: white
  • Dimensions: pleated size 19.5 cm x 8 cm (cut material size 20cm x 20cm)
  • Tie at back of head so easy to wear and doesn't pull on your ears.
  • How to wash:  We recommend boiling the face mask for 2-3 minutes or washing in a washing machine at the highest temperature, drying it and subsequently ironing it.
  • Material: 98 % COTTON, 2 % ELASTANE
  • Pack of 5 pcs.

Please note this manufacturer has returned production to their traditional medical garment product and this is the final batch of LIPOELASTIC barrier masks we will be releasing on Arthritis Ireland.

The scientific evidence about the function and benefit of wearing a barrier mask varies according to the health and political system of each country, but the accepted and universal thinking is that individuals wearing face masks, protect their immediate environment surrounding them by retarding the spread of bacteria and viruses. LIPOELASTIC face masks are reusable and thus sustainable. Can be washed/boiled at 100°C and ironed, and therefore used repeatedly and safely. Re-usable, safe and sustainable.

Conforms to AFNOR Standard 2020 for Barrier Mask,  made of single layer folded cotton >170gsm .  This is a barrier mask and is not a PPE medical device under EU law.  Made in the EU.