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12% Silver Short Sport Socks

by TDS healthcare

12% Silver Sports Sock for extra sporting performance ideal for any sports including Cycling, Golf, Walking, Running, Indoor and Outdoor Athletics. These sport socks that will help prevent you suffering from Athletes Foot, Bad Odour or Foot Perspiration. BEST4FEET® 9% Silver Sports Socks will perform 100% naturally with one of the world’s oldest medical products. Silver will eliminate 99,9% of bacteria within one hour resulting in an instant reduction of foot sweat, blisters and swollen skin.

Manufactured from “Fine Combed Cotton and “Natural Silver” have superior ultra light stretch for improved fit and comfort allowing them to shape perfectly to the ankle, foot and toes allowing complete freedom of movement. These properties help to provide medical benefits and natural healing which can help to ease any suffering and pain and also keep your feet warmer.

Natural pure silver minimises any heat loss from the body by actively reflecting 95% of the body’s energy back to the skin. As the socks contain natural pure silver they will keep your feet much warmer when compared to conventional socks. Silver also stores the body’s heat and has a low radiant heat loss and therefore keeps the skin warmer for longer.



Medium UK 5-6.5

Large UK 7-9



"€5.20 from this purchase will go towards Arthritis Research

*Postage and Packaging is €5 per order.

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