6D Tape ® Elbow -  Fast Relief for Tennis Elbow and Golfer’s Elbow

6D Tape ® Elbow - Fast Relief for Tennis Elbow and Golfer’s Elbow

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6D Tape  ® Negative Pressure Therapy Tape

Small handles – Great benefits!

Package contains precut 6D Tape strips for two tennis elbow or golfer’s elbow tapings and a treatment instructions manual. 6D Tape is designed for physio- and lymphatic therapy, as well as self-administered care.


-Used and recommended by clinical professionals


-Easy to apply at home

-Precut 6D Tape strips for two 3–10-day treatments.

-Two-handled strip of 6D Tape is 120 mm – package includes 4 pieces

-Three-handled strip is 180 mm – package includes 4 pieces

-The width of 6D Tape is 48 mm.

-Size of package:  170 mm * 250mm * 6 mm / 6.7″x 9.8″x 0.2″

-Colour blue

Treatment instruction A5, 4 pages

CE Class 1, Medical Device Directive MDD 93 / 42 / EEC

Material: 98% cotton 

6D Tape uses a skin-friendly base tape material

 Feature number four of 6D Tape is its skin-friendly base tape material, which has the following six key properties:

  1. The base tape is a unique, elastic and skin-friendly kinesiology tape that is 98 percent cotton. In other words, it is made of a natural material.
  2. The elasticity of 6D Tape imitates that of the skin, making it very pleasant to wear and preventing the tape from straining the skin.
  3. Naturally, 6D Tape will also breathe and it is designed to be worn for 3–10 days.
  4. The tape is also waterproof, making it safe for saunas, showers, swimming and so on.
  5. 6D Tape is hypoallergenic and suitable for use on highly sensitive skin.
  6. No latex or rubber is used in 6D Tape.

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