8% Silver Gloves- Extra Small

8% Silver Gloves- Extra Small

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Silver Gloves - designed to be worn by themselves or under another pair of gloves.

These Silver gloves are fantastic for anyone who suffers from cold hands and due to their extra small size are an ideal option for children.

These gloves contain a high percentage of pure natural silver, that is technically designed to be adjacent to the skin when worn.

Benefits of Silver

The medical effects of silver have been proven by many different International institutions around the world.  It works by sanitizing the skin providing the foremost preventative textile barrier against localized cross infection. These gloves will help ease pain, suffering and fight acute skin conditions and other outer body defects naturally.

Furthermore, natural pure silver minimizes any heat loss from the body by actively reflecting 95% of the body’s energy back to the skin. As these gloves contain natural pure silver they will keep your feet much warmer when compared to conventional gloves. Silver also stores the body’s heat and has a low radiant heat loss and therefore keeps the skin warmer for longer.

25% from this purchase will go towards Arthritis Ireland