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"The Back Shop"

by Arthritis Ireland

We are pleased to announce that Arthritis Ireland has teamed up with The Back Shop to provide access to customized home, office and car chairs. The Back Shop has established an international reputation based on producing chairs and seats that are mapped to an individual’s own spine. This provides individual support and enables perfect posture – and can lead to significant pain relief. 

For more information, click here: https://back-shop.com/about/

To learn more about the Back Shop’s unique approach and available products, please book an appointment through Arthritis Ireland.

We will provide an introduction for you to the team at the Back Shop, who can then measure your spine and discuss options with you.

The Back Shop is based at 32 Exchequer Street, in Dublin’s City Centre, and operate clinics at locations around the Country.

Purchasing a Back Shop product through this referral will generate a donation of 10% of the sales price to Arthritis Ireland.


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